Throwing Stones by Robin Reardon

Special Message for Early Reviewers of THROWING STONES

People who read books don't always understand how critically important reviews are to the success of a book. Some experts say the biggest benefit comes from reviews posted shortly before a book's release.

I want to give you a HUGE thank-you for volunteering to post your early review of Throwing Stones on Amazon, which (no surprise) is the most influential book retailer on the planet.

You should have received a .mobi file from me (the file format required by Kindle) as an attachment to an email I sent directly to you. (Ordinarily, you would download this file from a retailer. But at this stage, Throwing Stones is still in pre-release status and can't be downloaded until November 13. So you'll need to incorporate this file into the reading device of your choice.)

Once you've read Throwing Stones, please post your review on Amazon and on any other retailer or review sites you use. I'm really hoping you'll be able to do this during the last two weeks of October (in time for Halloween, which is relevant to the story), but any time prior to November 13 is just as effective.

If you don't yet have your .mobi file, or if you can't find it, please contact me.


Incorporating a .mobi file into your reading device

As long as you have an account with Amazon, you can bring a file formatted for Kindle onto any of the following devices and read it there:

Phones and tablets  (Apple or Android)

Personal computers (MAC or Windows)