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People who've read Throwing Stones have published reviews that might help you decide if this is a book you'd like to read. I've selected highlights from some of them.

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From Timothy Woodward, on Amazon:

Readers of Robin Reardon's other work know what to expect by now: an endearing, well-developed, and introspective LGBTQ protagonist, a twisting plot worthy of the craziest telenovela, and deep explorations of myriad subjects highlighted by especially deep discussions of religious concerns. Oh, and frank and unapologetic depictions of teenage sex. This time we get to see a slice of rural Oklahoma, learn about rockhounding, survive a tornado, and experience Pagan life and rituals. Some previous themes from Reardon's novels reappear as well: high school bullies, Christian intolerance, spirit animals, and scrying have all featured prominently in earlier works. Reardon is adept at bringing disparate pieces like these together into a beautiful and compelling mosaic, and Throwing Stones is a perfect example.

From Reviews by Amos Lassen:

Here is where we see Reardon shine. She obviously has done her research well and she wonderfully explains the mysterious rituals that Jesse sees as she captures the beauty and the intensity within them. Jesse soon finds himself in love with a villager who teaches him so much and lets him see a whole new kind of existence. I continually thought to myself that when there is no love at home, we must go elsewhere to find it and falling in love is an educational experience. In this case it was not just an education experience for Jesse but for myself as well as I gleaned a lot of information about a lifestyle I knew nothing about.

From Stephen on Goodreads:

The addition of a plot-line about new-age Pagans gives even those who've lived through a coming out experience, a fresh perspective and the parallels between challenging one's beliefs in one area with challenging one's beliefs in another area are inevitable. How can I expect people to be open minded about my beliefs if I'm not equally open minded about things others believe? Even things that I've previously dismissed. Without preaching about how people's fear leads them to be intolerant of homosexuality, Robin uses the townies' fear of Paganism to illustrate how people in general can be intolerant and use their fears to avoid thinking about other concepts that are alien to them.

From John-Michael Lander on Amazon:

Reardon's ability to portray the teen male's internal struggles are so real that the characters are complex, deep, and riveting. Reardon's masterful use of rhetorical devices makes each character's voice important and necessary. Her ability to tell a story is seamless and profound, with every detail carefully crafted and perfectly placed. Thank you Robin for yet another exploration into the teen world where I feel I walk away learning more than just an interesting story.

From El of Just Love: Romance Novel Reviews

This book was honestly stunning! It’s a coming of age story set in a conservative small town, and it deals with some pretty heavy issues. It’s not just a coming out story, it’s also a story about what it means to belong, and about opening your heart to those around you. Jesse was a fantastic protagonist, and his story was inspiring and beautiful to follow.

From William Worley, student at Stivers School for the Arts

Robin Reardon has weaved a story that captures the emotions and thoughts of her characters perfectly, moves them through a thrilling and emotional plot, and then teaches a lesson on the importance of understand and acceptance. I give Throwing Stones a five star rating on the accuracy of the thoughts, emotions, and actions of the main character alone. Everything else is icing on the cake.

Excerpts from Lena Grey of Rainbow Book Reviews

  • There's a great deal more to this four hundred and six page story than I can convey in a short review, but I want to say I was fascinated with how the “tutorial” on the Pagan way and how the other paranormal aspects of the book are explained and blended into the “real world.”
  • Jesse would be the kind of person who when asked the question “Why?” he would answer, “Why not?”
  • If you like unusual stories about Paganism, spirit animals, loyalty, truthfulness, young love, coming of age, and reuniting people, this may be one you will enjoy. Thank you, Robin, for reminding me that familiarity breeds understanding.

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