Are you out of your mind? It's all about love!

There is a delightful podcast called WROTE, hosted by two great guys who write—and support writers of—LGBTQ literature. And they interviewed me!

The episode, "Are you out of your mind? It's all about love," was great fun to record. I just hope I don't sound as cray-cray to everyone else as I sound to myself. In my defense, Vance Bastian and S.A. Collins are very good at getting people to reveal their inner truths.

Give it a listen to find out answers to many burning questions. (Stay through the music interlude at around the half-way point to hear the entire episode.)

  1. How did I come up with my writing motto ("The only thing wrong with being gay is how some people treat you when they find out")?
  2. What's one thing I still have from my childhood, and why is it named Abelard?
  3. What did Taylor Adams say to me while I was writing THINKING STRAIGHT?
  4. What was the first story I wrote? (It wasn't A SECRET EDGE. And I was all of 13.)
  5. Why did Ethan Poe's brother Kyle damage his own hand deliberately in THE EVOLUTION OF ETHAN POE? And what does it have to do with CSI New York?
  6. Who is Ted Haggard, and what does he have to do with AND IF I FALL?
  7. What the heck is a Kalalau outlaw, and where will it fit into my upcoming series, A NATURAL MAN? And when is that coming out, by the way?
  8. In what way will the series A NATURAL MAN be a bittersweet catharsis for me? Does it have anything to do with the way mountains make me feel?
  9. Where does the episode title ("Are you out of your mind? It's all about love") come from? Listen to the podcast to find out!


Thanks, Vance and S.A., for a wonderful hour that was all about me!