Soup? Or fear?

In a current Campbell’s soup campaign, the company portrays real people, in real families, in their advertisements. One of these ads has planted fear in the minds of people who are terrified at the idea of the normalization of same-sex-parent families.


The ad at the heart of the controversy depicts two fathers and their son, a can of Campbell’s soup with Darth Varder’s picture on the label between them. One dad breathes the familiar metallic sound and says, “Luke, I am your father.” Then the other dad, in his take on Darth Vader’s voice, says, “No, Luke; I am your father.” The kid giggles each time and eats some of the soup his dads are feeding him. The ad ends as dad #1 teasingly tells the other dad he’s not a good Darth Vader and should try the Chewbacca voice instead. It all seems harmless enough. So what’s the fuss about?