This is war.

For over a decade, I've written novels about gay teens. I'm a cisgender, straight advocate, and I write these stories because I hate injustice, I hate fear-driven paranoia, and I'm distressed at the vulnerability of LGBTQ teens.

When I began writing, I was certain that I would not see marriage equality in my lifetime. I knew very little of the hell that trans individuals go through. I knew nothing at all about what intersex means.

And since I began writing, I have celebrated win after win after win for LGBTQ people.

Then came Trump.

Electoral College Needs an Appendectomy

Every day since the November 8, 2016 election, we’ve seen the number of citizens who cast their presidential vote for Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump increase. That lead is now roughly TWO AND A HALF MILLION VOTES.

Make your vote count... FOR THE NEXT 30 YEARS

If you identify with or support U.S. citizens who don’t fall into the “straight, cisgender” category, you have an opportunity that is not likely to come again in your lifetime. And the rest of your lifetime is about how long the outcome of this opportunity will matter.

With the death of Antonin Scalia, one of the least LGBT-friendly voices on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) for the past thirty years is silenced. The question is what the next voice will say.

TRUMP: Like Driving in Boston

I live close to the city of Boston, Massachusetts, and I puzzle at comments about how bad Boston drivers are. Here’s the thing: You can count on a Boston driver to do whatever it takes to get wherever they want to go as quickly as possible. In other words, although you should expect anything and everything, it helps to understand that what looks like unpredictable driving almost always has the objective of expediency in mind. With this knowledge as my guide, I have little or no trouble with Boston drivers. (Now, some of the streets on the other hand… but that’s a different story.)

Like many people, over the past several months I’ve gone from being disdainful of the candidacy of Donald Trump to being amused by it to being flabbergasted by it to being confounded by it to being infuriated by it. But recently I’ve come to an altered state when it comes to this man and the positions he takes.