My new book: Is it worth it?

For anyone who thinks writing a novel is the hard part, I have news for you.

I finished writing my new novel, Throwing Stones, a couple of months ago. And for the first time, I'm not going through a commercial publishing house to get my book into the market. First, my eyes went kind of wonky browsing through screen after screen of cover-worthy stock photos, looking for just the right one. Then I began to research recommendations for how to launch a new book. And that's when I realized I needed a magic wand. Between the different platforms and the different formatting and the millions of different ways to get the word out (none of which are sure-fire) and—most challenging of all—how to get pre-release reviews, I thought I'd found my way into Oz or Wonderland, and not in a good way.

If I hadn't been really convinced that Throwing Stones was worth it, I would have stopped. But it is. I'm sure of it. See what you think.