Evolution IS the miracle

I've heard that some of you are wondering what I've been up to since Max's big reveal toward the end of the book about me. First, I still love my tat.

Okay, I know you meant about Max and me. I'll tell you about that, though it's no big deal. Just warning you. But first I want to kinda talk about where I landed on this evolution and creationism—um, I mean, "intelligent design" business. (Like you couldn't tell by just looking at those quotation marks, right?)

I had one more year of high school after the story ended before college, which is where I am now. And I spent a lot of time with Raven. Remember Raven? My Siberian husky? The one with the widow's peak like mine? The more I worked with him, the way Etta taught me, the more it seemed like there was this love coming back from him for the love I was giving him. You might think that has nothing to do with evolution, but let me finish. Then you can argue.