Colorado Shooting: Do some people just WANT to be angry?

Last August, I posted about the absurd, self-righteous, willfully ignorant response of far too many people that followed on the heels of the doctored video published by the misnamed "Center for Medical Progress," which presented fabricated claims about Planned Parenthood and the supposed sale of dead baby parts. I think those who jumped on the anti-PPFA bandwagon need to look hard at the further insanity they encouraged, manifested most recently by Colorado PPFA shooting suspect, Robert Dear. I'm republishing that August post. Maybe now, people will be open to truth. Maybe now, those who just wanted to be angry about something will be angry about something they should be angry about.

Pope Francis and Kim Davis: BFFs?

If you've read more than one of my books, you know that religion in one form or another is always present. Whether examining a religious "ex-gay" camp in Thinking Straight or comparing Christianity and Paganism in Throwing Stones, it's in there. I see religion—its presence, its absence, its interpretation and contradictions—as key to how individual people (and groups of people) live their lives and how we treat each other.

The pope-ification of America has been a study in contrasts, with both sides of the political scene embracing the things they like and ignoring the rest. It's a lot like reading the Bible, where interpretation is often in the mind of the reader and where cherry-picking is a strategy each side of an issue will use to prove itself right. Conservative and liberal politicians alike have even pounced on some of the same perceived papal positions and claimed them for their own. It seems to me that LGBT rights is foremost of these.