What could have been just another summer vacation on Hilton Head Island for 15-year-old, out-and-proud Dustin Hamilton takes turn after turn as his infatuation for the exotic Randy Aziz spins him in different directions. Dustin's clear but unspoken challenge to Randy, "Come out of the closet for me, just for a week," receives first a tentative and then a joyful "Yes!" from Randy.

The boys spend days, and a very special evening, on the beach together, learning that their lives are similar in some surprising ways. But coming out takes Randy in a direction neither boy predicted. It's a summer the boys—and their families—will never forget.


My story. Your Play. Literally.

A Line in the Sand is now available as a stage script — free!

This story about two gay boys who meet during summer vacation on Hilton Head Island is ideal for the welcoming high school or other gay-friendly theatre troupe. The original novella, converted to a standard-format stage script, is now available free of charge.

If your group would like to consider staging the play, email me directly from the Contact page, and I'll reply with an electronic copy of the script.


In 2011, this novella-length work was published in the anthology, AWAKE, proceeds for which went to benefit The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending LGBTQ teen suicide.

The publication is now out of print but the story is now available in e-book format from the following sources:

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